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How to Choose a Hair Care Product

It is always important to be mindful of hair care products you choose for yourself; such as hair shampoos, hair conditioners, hair oil, hair pomade, hair cream, etc. 

The below guide should also help you to an extent in choosing other care products for use, aside hair care products.

This post will explain the topic in order the following list:

• Quality, 
• Finance,
• Manufacturer's instructions,
• Types of hair,
• Professional advice,
• Warranty
• Your result.

That a product is original doesn't make it a perfect product for everyone to use.

Choosing the right product for the right purpose is a skill that can be learnt.

The list and explained below will try to exhaust to a great extent what you need to know to guide you while choosing a quality care product for the hair.


It is always necessary to check out the availability of hair care products, or any other care products, before making them your choice.

Why? You may need to get a new one in not a very long time. In that case, since the use of hair care product is a continuous activity, choosing hair care products which is not readily available will result to continuous change of products.

Hair care products as well as other care products are made with addition of some chemicals, such as preservatives and Co., continous changing of products may lead to side effects like reactions of different types.


Always look out for qualities not quantities. Various choices nowadays are based on quantities and not qualities, and it isn't good for people.

Quantities without qualities especially in care products can render all your efforts and little spent capital to zero or rather cause damage to the hair which will obviously be bad for everyone.

It is always advisable to buy products from trusted manufacturers to ensure quality, and eradicate bad effects for your health sake.


It won't be fair if we don't consider budgets. Make sure you find a quality hair care products that of within your budget and stick to that until your budget changes.

Learn not to purchase highly cost hair care products, just because you have money, it dosen't work that way.

Because a product is costly dosen't mean it's of good quality. Get value within your budget. 

Manufacturer's instructions:

Instructions from product manufacturers are very necessary. Every good hair care product must have manufacturer's instructions/informations about their products and usage.

A product without manufacturer's instructions is a suspicious one, because that should give insights on how to use the products, especially for new users that just came across the product for the first time.

Therefore always remember to watch out for manufacturer's instructions whenever you are are looking for a hair care product.

Types of hair

There are various types of hair for different persons. These includes: greasy hair, tough hair, soft hair, long hair, short hair, dry hair and artificial hair. 

And there are many hair care products that suits every hair type. You should consider your hair as you choose a hair care product.

Read this post and this post to identify hair types. So you can have an idea of the kind of hair care products you should be looking out for.

Professional advice

It's also a great idea to consult professionals when dealing with hair care products.

Professionals are always likely to know better either directly or indirectly. Asking them for help may save you some costly mistakes.


In just a sentence I will say that: a hair care product with warranty is always likely to be a good one. Does it exist?

Your result

The post intends to help you solve the problem of choosing wrong (though not fake) hair care products.

We wish that after reading it a great part of this issue will be solved.

Note: All the available guide may not be exhausted in choosing a particular hair care product, but a reasonable amount of it should be.

You might also wish to know the below:

What is Hair Cream?

"Hair creams are products which helps to keep the hair healthy and glossy. It prevents the drying up of scalp (skin on the head) and it's hair, and finally softens and oils the scalp and hair."

The above definition points out the importance of creaming the hair and the benefits a creamed hair enjoy. It's necessity to soften the hair and keep you healthy.

Note: It's important to always read and adhere to the manufacturer's instructions which is normally at the visible part of hair cream container.

Either mineral or vegetable oils are said to be the main constituent of hair cream, pomade and oil preparations, which enhances its quality.

What is setting lotion?

Lotion itself is a preparation or liquid form of mixture which is applied either on the hair or on the skin to either protect the hair/skin or clean it.

And there is something such as a setting lotion.

Setting lotion is a mixture/preparation which is applied onto the hair (usually a permed hair) after being washed.

This is done before styling it, to enable the hair retain its style when it get dry.

Setting lotion is usually in spray form.

It's simply a lotion, but of a different type which is specially designed to retain hair styles when we it dry.

What is Hair Sprays? 

Hair spray is a mixture in its own form which is messaged to the hair after styling and drying, to keep it groomed for longer time by holding the strands and keeping the hair in position. 

Spray is applied when the hair is dried and styled already, but setting lotion is applied before the hair dries.

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