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Depression causes and cure

Depression is a serious illness that negatively affects the way you think, feel and act.

Depression is treatable just as any other curable illnesses. This is because the causes are known. making it less dangerous.

It can be cured faster when the certain proper ways are employed.

The fact that it is treated makes it a fair case unlike some other illnesses without cure, e.g. AIDS, etc.

Causes of Depression

Below are list and explanations of the causes of depression.

1.     Environment
2.     Genetics
3.     Important event
4.     Previous head injury
5.     Loss (e.g. death loss, property loss, etc.)
6.   Abuses
      i. Substance Abuse
      ii.Past Abuses (emotional, sexual, & physical abuse )
7.    Conflict among friends and family
8.    Medications
9.    Anger
10.  Heart break


Environment affects human as a whole in various aspects of their living, ranging from human behaviors, health and much more.

It has been noted that environmental factors are among the major causes of depression. 

Since the environment determines most of the experiences that humans have in their life and most things they are exposed to which no doubt has various effects on them, be it medically, physically, emotionally, spiritually or otherwise.

In this environmental case, it has been made clear by health experts that depression can be caused as a result of some certain negative environmental factors and many people have been victims.

Clear way: Certain negative activities we perform and some experiences we had around the environment can aid depression.


Depression has been observed to be hereditary in some cases. it is said to run in some family’s genes which means it can be inherited from past generation.

This makes genetics one of the causes of depression as it can be passed from generation to generation.

Clear way: someone can just have depression as an inheritance from his/her pass generation.

Important Event

This mostly comes as a result of over happiness; maybe for winning a lottery, passing a final exam, winning a contract, getting a new job, etc.

Most people get depressiong by receiving news of their big success, these grab them and can eventually cause depression upon them.

Previous Head Injury

previous head injury is one of the causes of depression, and this mostly happen as a result of ignorance.

Head injuries are meant to be thoroughly and carefully treated at the time of the injury as the improperly treated injuries can eventually result to depression.

Clear way: head injury can lead to depression if not initially taken care of properly.

Loss (e.g. death loss, property loss etc.)

depression can be caused as a result of certain losses which includes:

Death loss: such as death of someone (e.g. a sponsor) so dear to you.
Property losses; an example is goods sinking in the sea, investment and establishment collapses and so on.

Sudden news of the earlier mentioned creates a level of tension upon the person in question.

This likely leads to hopeless feelings and this may result to depression eventually.  Though may not be instantly.

Clear way: depression can be caused as a result of great loss of valuables.


Substance abuse

This has never been of any good to anyone in generally.

Inappropriate consumption of certain substances like drugs, drinks and so on has been said to be factor that can certainly be among the causes of depression

Clear way: substances abuse affects our healthy living and thereby causes depression.

Past Abuse (emotional, sexual and physical abuse): 

Apart from the earlier mention substance abuse other abuses such as past emotional, sexual and physical tends to be other causes of depression

It is mostly common when these abuses are done against children. The pains and scars keeps building up in their mind, and implanting depression. 

Conflict Among Friends and Family

Certain conflict in the family or amongst friends, is one of the causes of depression.

It makes victim of such conflict depressed; as the conflicts may cost their sponsorship withdrawal or other issues which might render them hopeless.


Just as some medications has an effect on us, certain medication have also been observed to be one of the causes of depression.

This means that you are at risk of depression when taking some medication, expecially wrong ones.


This has been believed to be among the causes of depression, according to research taking in too much anger to yourself, can expose you to the risk of depression.

Observations also show that certain people habours anger as pride but this can only be exposing them to depression.

Heart Break

This is one of the causes of depression which is caused by most of the things mentioned earlier; including losses, conflict, past abuse and much more.

It is very important to get away from things that can cause heart breaks as they are among the major causes of depression.

Summary: The above are only few among the causes of depression, but staying away and avoiding what may result to the above will go a long way to help you prevent depression.

How to Cure Depression Fast

Since depression is a curable illness and the symptoms are known, this makes it less dangerous, at least a victim can still get better and healthy after due treatment.

Don't forget depression is said to be a mental illness that negatively affect our acts, feeling and thoughts.

This post (how to cure depression fast) intends to show you the faster means of curing depression.

Note: there is no other best means to cure depression faster other than fellowing the gradual means; if any exist then there may be bad side effects alongside.

Who needs to know these? Everybody needs to know how to cure depression fast.

Someone suffering from depression needs a very close support from other people around in other to get well fast.

Below are list of how to cure depression fast, backed with brief explanations:

  •  Support, 
  • Visit a physician, 
  • Psychotherapy means, 
  • Drug cure (Antidepressant),
  • Personal care.


This is one of the important ways to cure depression. A depressed person needs assistance, since depression is cause by most heart breaking experiences which individuals encounter.

Such as; losing their jobs, losing their goods, losing their beloved ones to death, and its can also be caused by over happiness, maybe for getting a new job, passing final exams, graduating and so on.

Therefore it is necessary to stay close and support depression victims to make their healing period faster and better.

Supporting a depressed person by helping them regain their loss hope is really a wonderful approach to cure depression.

Individual suffering from depression should not be left alone by friends and family, the victim should be helped to always feel happy all the time, and should be taken out frequently to the natural environment with things around to make them happy.

Key: They lost it (hope) and they need you to find it. Help them!

Clear ways: to enable a depressed person cure depression fast and get healthy fast, supportive friends and families are vital strategy to be adapted.

Visit a Physician

If you must set you mind on how to cure depression fast, then visiting a qualified physician will be another great important step to be taken.

Friends and families can only provides care and support but, can not really go medically deep.

It is therefore necessary to consult a doctor whenever one has depression, so as to be properly treated medically.

Key: Supports from loved ones plus doctors help to propel a strong healing force.

Psychotherapy Means

Psychotherapy can be done by different people. It is the act of talking or giving counseling.

It is a very good method because not just a psychotherapist but the victim's family and friends can as well use this method as strategy to cure depression faster.

Psychotherapy is like counseling; discussing the problem that faces the depression victim with him/her, and then talking hope into them.

Making them feel important and making them decide to always stay happy by enlightening them on the evergreen opportunities and achievement in life for them.

At times, this can be done religiously using the Holy Bible, pointing out events with proof that gives hope.

Drug cure

This helps to cure depression faster whereby drug medications are prescribed to the depressed individual by a qualified physician/doctor.

It help to bring the body system back to normal health faster.

Key: it must be a qualified doctor to make prescribtion. 

Personal care

Above all; the victims should also work hard to make sure they regains their normal healthy life by taking their medications, putting away thoughts of past negative event which is one of the causes of their depression.

Fortunately "personal care" is a product of support and psychotherapy, which implants self believe into the depressed individual.

It is really important to talk sense into the victims, making them believe in themselves again and fight against their illness.

Key:  By just faith in the victim, a great work is done. 

Finally I will say that you shouldn’t forget the Holy Bible it has helped many to get healthier out of depression by regaining their lost hope.

Also see: how to prevent depression. 

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