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Signs of depression

Just like every other illness, depression has its own signs which should give you a slight knowledge of what you might be wrong with you.

We would like to give you brief explanation of what depression is before we go ahead and explain the symptoms of depression. 

Depression is a treatable/curable illness which effects your thinking, acts and feelings negatively.

Signs of depression 

Symptoms of depression are the signs that comes with depression, though most of these signs if not all, also comes with other illnesses.

Therefore, in such cases you are advised to consult your doctor for medical checkups anytime you are having these signs of depression.

These enables them (doctors) to identify where the sign/signs is/are coming from, and the proper way to go about your healing processes.

In the some case there are individuals who may not have enough capital to consult a doctor each time they feel an illness sign like the symptoms of depression.

In such case you are adviced to learn the causes of depression and how to prevent depression to help you properly observe them gradually, "prevention is better than cure".

Note that checkups are very much important, especially when you are having more than one of these signs of depression. 

signs of depression

Below are most of the depression signs you might experience.

  1. • Fatigue,
  2. • Feeling depressed,
  3. • Lack of interest in previously pleased activities,
  4. • Unexplainable weight loss or gain,
  5. • Hard to sleep (Insomnia) or having more than normal sleep (hypersomnia),
  6. • Uneasy to remember, think etc.,
  7. • Pains and aches,
  8. • Death thoughts,
  9. • Attempt to commit suicide or suicide thoughts,
  10. • Feelings to be alone,
  11. • Becoming restless or sluggish,
  12. • Guilt or worthless feelings.


 Fatigue is great tiredness that can be felt by someone, usually after having a stressful activities or as a result of an illness.

Fatigue has been tabled as one of the signs of depression. This causes weakness and inability to perform other activities due to lack of strength.

Note that fatigue can also be the product of many other activities, which includes sporting, hectic jobs etc.

And at the same time fatigue is also one of the symptoms of depression as we mentioned earlier.

Feeling depressed

This is one of the symptoms of depression. To suffer depression means you will be depressed.

To be depressed means (medically) : "Being in a sad mood with the feelings that you cannot live a normal and healthy life".

Depression is a noun, while depressed is the adjective.

Note that depressed mood/feelings are the major feelings of individuals suffering from depression.

Clear way: Depression is the root of feeling depressed, this makes "feeling depressed" the major symptom of depression.

Lack of interest in previously pleased activities

In this case someone suffering from depression, tends to withdraw from activities that he/she previously enjoyed participating in.

As we said earlier that feeling depressed is a product of depression, and depression is root of feeling depressed.

When one is depressed, he/she dosen't enjoy most of his/her previously pleased activities anymore and this causes total/partial withdrawal.

The feelings of hopelessness in the victims makes them think that they cannot do it anymore. "After all I won't succeed or be better" may keep running in their mind. And this becomes hard for them to deal with.

Clear way: someone suffering from depression is likely to withdraw from formally enjoyed activities, due to hopeless feelings in them.

Unexpected weight loss and gain

You may ask if this is really one of the sugns of depression? No problem you are not alone. The answer is yes! it is.

Someone suffering from depression in some case if not in most cases, may either gain or loss weight unexpectedly, without dieting or intending to do so through any other means.

Clear way: someone suffering from depression is likely to loss or gain weight without engaging his/herself in any weight gain/loss practices.

Hard to Sleep (Insomnia) or Having More Than Normal Sleep (Hypersomnia)

Insomnia and hypersomnia can also be signs of depression. It's either the victim of depression sleeps less or over sleeps.

Don't forget that sleeping sickness and other sicknesses/illnesses may also cause over sleeping or less sleeping, that is why it is necessary to go for medical checkups before concluding if a symptom is really that of depression.

Clear way: Less sleep (Insomnia) and over sleep (Hypersomnia) can also be symptoms of depression and can also be signs of other sicknesses/illnesses.

Pains and Aches

Depression is an illness which Is likely to cause pains and aches mostly at your head as its a mental illness.

Death Thoughts

To some victims, death thoughts runs over and over, it keeps occurring in their mind.

This can be the thought of their death or someone else that is close to them (mostly loved ones). This is seen to be among the symptoms of depression which keeps the victim in a very disturbing mood.

Attempt to commit suicide or suicide thought

This refers us to the story of a man who hopelessly committed suicide by falling from a bridge.

A depressed individuals is likely to commit suicide or suffer suicidal thoughts as a result of their hopeless feelings.

Advice: Love ones should always be close to a depressed individuals, especially when they are near dangerous objects or places.

Feels to be alone

Depressed person hopelessly feels to be alone, withdrawing themselves from others, including friends and Family.

Advice: When such feelings is detected in someone, he/she should be given more attention.

Becoming restless or sluggish

 These two sometimes happens to be among the signs of depression.

In this case an individual starts becoming unable to relax his/her self (restlessness),  or starts becoming non lively and slow towards activities (sluggishness).

Advice: Consult a doctor

Guilt or worthless feelings

Hopelessness in a depressed individual introduces guilt or worthless feelings.

Individuals feels they are of no worth (worthless), or that they should be blamed on bad things that happens around them (guilt).

Summary: signs of depression are numerous and these symptoms can also be caused by other illnesses.

Therefore you are advised to always go for medical checkups when you experience any of the above symptoms of depression. 

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