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Pregnancy diet: Nutrition during pregnancy

Pregnancy diet is very essential to a pregnant woman. Human need good nutrition for so many important reasons. 

Deficiently of any nutrient presents its own health problems and nobody enjoys health problem.

But for a pregnant woman the case is if even more critical. Defiency of nutrients during pregnancy becomes dangerous for both the mother and the foetus (baby in the womb).

Normally a pregnant woman needs extra nutrients during pregnancy more than what her body might need as an adult. 

A pregnant woman can be agreed to be “ two in one” (2 in 1). You can picture the foetus and the mother as two present in one, which means that more than usual nutrition is needed for their growth and survival. 

Nutrition during pregnancy should not be taken lightly but rather be considered very serious. 

The health and life of the child is at stake if pregnancy diet goes wrong.

Below are guidelines for good nutrition during pregnancy.

Good nutrition during pregnancy
Nutrition during pregnancy must be carefully selected; during antenatal care the pregnant woman should be guided on good pregnancy diet by a doctor or midwife.

Poor nutrition during pregnancy can effect both the mother and the foetus which should be avoided.

 Guideline for good nutrition during pregnancy are:

1.      Pregnant women should drink enough water daily. This is to make sure that digestion processes goes normal and properly. water is said to wash off some impurities in the stomach via urine in such case a pregnant woman needs it to keep the foestus home (womb) safe.

2.     Another good nutrient for pregnancy to aid digestion is roughage, gotten from vegetables and fruits. It really improves the movement of bowel and digestion.

3.     Greasy food causes digestion upsets and therefore should be avoided. You wouldn’t like to disturb the foestus by causes digestion upset which will finally lead to disturbance in the stomach.

4.       Nutrition during pregnancy must be balance: this is very necessary. A pregnant women is expected to always take balance pregnancy diet in a good proportion. Her meal must always be balanced to escape deficiency of some nutrient which is bad for the two (foestus and the mother).

5.    The intake of minerals such as calcium for the bones and ions for the blood needs to be increase in a pregnancy diet. Such minerals can be gotten from fruits, vegetables, milk, sea foods and many more.

6.     Pregnant woman should always consider taking vitamins, as it is essential for good health and well being.

7.     Proteins as body building nutrient gotten from the following body building food which include: beans, fish, eggs, liver, etc should be taken extra to aid effective formation of new tissues.

8.    Carbohydrate should always be taken moderately to prevent and escape over weight.

9.     Energy in a pregnant woman must be balanced. Women that does strenuous work requires more intake of energy giving food than women who doesn’t do strenuous work.

Dangers of poor pregnancy diet 

Just as we explain earlier that poor nutrition during pregnancy endangers the health of a pregnant woman. below are some of the effects:

1.     Child experiences different form of malformation: if pregnancy diet is poor and unbalanced it can eventually cause malformation of the foestus in the womb.

2.     Low weight: the foestus when born has low weight due to unhealthy nutrition in his mother womb. Just as poor nutrition affects everybody weight so it does to be foestus also.

3.     Mother’s health might also be in danger: poor nutrition during pregnancy can also endanger the health of the mother. No doubt that both the foestus and the mother will be struggling for the little available nutrient and might endanger the mother herself.

Summary: good pregnancy diet is very much important for the mother and for proper child bearing and health throughout pregnancy and child bearing.

External resources to learn more on pregnancy diet 

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