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Symptoms of pregnancy

Pregnancy Symptoms gives women that have been expecting a child joy and that signs are what we will discuss below.

Misinformation can make you assume wrongly which shouldn’t be.

Since it’s the desire of every married couple to get their own children, a child at least to call them daddy and mummy (parents).

In this case most women become eager to see pregnancy symptoms in their body.

Any change in them, they suspect it, excepting it to be a sign. In the case they have done everything they were asked to do by the doctor and others and the have signs of or a little change in their body, they suspect. 

Below we have listed the possible pregnancy symptoms you should know. You don’t need to stress you self anymore. The below signs may not exhaust all, but it covers much you need to know. 

Signs of pregnancy

·         Menstruation stops
·         Morning sickness
·         Food repulsion
·         Become moody
·         Backache, muscle pain, swollen feet/hands
·         Dizziness
·         Feels headache
·         Often urination
·         Tender and fuller breast
·         Difficulty to empty bowel
·         Baby’s movement

Menstruation stops

This is common amongst pregnancy symptoms almost every girl/lady/woman know about this.

This most times put feminine singles into fear if they have not kept themselves and it happens and their menstruation didn’t start up on time. 

It is certain that menstruations stop when a woman conceives, so if you are looking for sign of pregnancy, note that menstruation stops if you conceive.

Note that some illnesses can cause a woman not to see her menstruation and should not be misinterpreted. 

Advice: Consult your doctor if you think you shouldn’t be pregnant and your menstruation didn’t show up, it could be an infection or something else.

Morning sickness

Morning sickness comes as one of the pregnancy symptoms such as nausea and vomiting.  Most women experiences it. 

It is popular and common that a pregnant woman tends to vomit at the early stage.

In most cases an elderly one (especially experienced mother) if around is likely to notice what is wrong with the character.

Advice: this is normal but a doctor should be consulted if it becomes severe.

Food repulsion

This is also known as food aversion. At the early stage of pregnancy the pregnant woman is likely to have a sudden strong dislike of food she previously enjoyed. Its aroma or smell may not  please her anymore.

A woman explained how she suddenly disliked the aroma of the food she enjoys. "It smell unpleasant and make me want to throw up (vomits)" she said.

Advice: you must still try to eat/drink as your body requires in accordance to the recommendations from your doctor perhaps during antenatal care.


Some or maybe all pregnant women tends to become moody; they quickly get angry and easily get emotional,  running tears unnecessarily including other emotional feelings.

Advice: If you notice such in your case, kindly inform the people around you to be aware. Informing them also makes them support well and also try as you can to control yourself.

Backache, muscle pain, swollen feet/hands

A pregnant woman is likely to experience the above: stiffness of the muscle (cramp) backache, etc.

Advice: consult the doctor to be sure what you are experiencing are pregnancy symptoms or something else and also do the same when the pain becomes severe.


It is said that blood pressure may drop during early pregnancy and thereby causes dizziness.

As a result of the blood pressure, the pregnant woman can eventually feel dizzy.

Advice: visit you doctor or midwife for proper attention since the situation is due to pregnancy.

Feels headache

Because there are many activities the pregnant woman body is tackling during early pregnancy.

Feeling headache becomes one of the pregnancy symptoms some women may tend to experience. 

Advice: to save both the mother and child, if the pains becomes severe, consult a midwife or doctor to be sure of what caused the headache.

Often Urination

For some pregnant women, urinating frequently/ often is among the pregnancy symptoms they experience. 

This is due to certain activities going on in their body system. If this persists, it could be an infection.

Advice: you should meet a doctor or midwife to make sure that infection is not among the causes of your often urination. It could be dangerous for the baby if allowed to stay very long.

Tender and Fuller Breast

In early marriage pregnancy, the pregnant woman breast is likely to become painful when touched.

This is known as breast tenderness. The pregnant woman receives some pain when her breast is being touched by someone, something or herself.

At the same period, her breast my also become fuller than normal.

Advice: just go for your antenatal appointments as scheduled and at the same time you can visit a midwife or doctor for tips.

Difficulty to Empty Bowel

This is termed constipation, for some women it can come as one of the pregnancy symptoms they may experience. 

This is finding it difficult to release the solid waste product from your body.

Advice: discuss with a doctor or a midwife.

Baby’s Movement

this is one of the late pregnancy symptoms. The baby is likely to make some movement inside. It can be termed a healthy baby.

Advice: meet the doctor/ midwife to know more about baby movement.

Some symptoms after birth 

Spotting and bleeding

About two week after conceiving for some women, there may be a flow of bleed or spotting from their vagina.

Advice: meet a doctor for proper checkup, it may be an infection and it can cause miscarriage etc. get a good supportive bra this is known as implantation bleeding.

Abdomen Enlarge

This happen three (3) months after conceiving it is common for every pregnant at this time, everybody around her will notice that she is pregnant. Therefore this is not one of the early sign of pregnancy.

Advice: attend you antenatal appointments, missing none and make sure you keep to the midwife or doctor instructions (eating healing and so on).

External resources to learn more on pregnancy symptoms 

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