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Healthy teeth materials

Healthy Teeth: Which Tooth Cleaning Materials Should I Use?

Healthy teeth does much more than just providing a pleasant smile. It is vital for general well being of a person.

Having a healthy teeth is very important to human, and it is very necessary we subscribe to it by taking good care of our teeth. 

Imagine what it will look like to have a decayed tooth with smelling odours. It makes you unattractive and uncomfortable at the same time.

Tooth problems most times cause sickness due to the  toothache it comes with which might make you dull, and prevent you from being social, confident in public speaking, giving out a good smiles and so on.

If you care for a healthy teeth, some materials are vital, which include the tooth brush, paste, and chewing sticks, and not excluding water.

As a matter of fact water is the most important of all; it play helpful role in our frequent rinsing of the mouth to keep away germs.

It will be unfair if we continue without reminding you of types of tooth which are even important for a healthy teeth practices:

  • Temporary (milk) teeth and 
  • Permanent teeth (childhood and adulthood teeth). 

Temporary (milk) teeth: 

These childhood teeth which tends to loosen and fall out and those which fell out are replaced by the temporary teeth; they are 24 in number.

Permanent teeth:

These ones are adulthood teeth which may not be replaced naturally if they are out, but can be replaced artificially. 

There are 32 in number, If permanent teeth fall out, it might leave a hole behind unless an artificial teeth is introduced.

Artificial teeth: 

These are non natural teeth, they come in different forms, this depends on the material for production, such as gold, silver...etc.

Healthy Teeth:  Tooth Cleaning Materials

It won't be proper to use just any tooth cleaning material you come across; it is always necessary to carefully make your choice (a good one) before going for it.

Health teeth brushes:

To choose a tooth brush you must be aware that there are different types, which are the soft and the hard brushes. It is very necessary that you choose soft brushes, though they will not clean the tooth better than the hard brushes, but hard brushes tends to destroy your gums which may lead to teeth fall out.

Tip 1: Soft brushes that is to be chosen should have a firm but soft bristles.

NOTE: when we say hard or soft brushes we mean brushes with either hard or soft bristles; bristles are the part of the brush which is in contact with your teeth during brushing.

It is very important to avoid using other people's brushes and avoid lending your own out, this is vital to avoid tooth infections and to maintain a healthy teeth.

Healthy teeth pastes:

There are already varieties of tooth pastes all over to be chosen from, which comes from different manufacturers, with different flavours and colours. But it's always necessary to look out for pastes with fluoride content. Fluoride is important in keeping a healthy teeth save from tooth decay.

Make sure you close you pastes container each time you make use of them and always make sure you keep them under a normal temperature (cool dry place is best).

Avoid applying your tooth pastes on the tooth brushes if you are not ready to use them.

Healthy teeth chewing sticks:

if you wonder why we would even consider chewing stick, this post with the below quote should convince you.

Chewing sticks also contains volatile oils, tannic acid, sulphur and sterols which attribute to anti-septic, astringent and bactericidal properties that help reduces plaque formation, provides anti-carious effects, eliminates bad odor, improves the sense of taste, and cure many systemic diseases.

Chewing sticks can be used as substitute for tooth brushes and pastes and it's important to choose a medicinal chewing sticks for yourself.

Make enquiries and get a medicinal chewing sticks for yourself. Make sure they are clean, firm and soft.

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