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How to take care of the hair [image]
Lady with electric dryer.

It is of great importance to take care of the hair, as it (hair) is one of the valuable asset that enhances our beauty.

When we say how to take care of the hair we are specifically referring to how to take care of the hair which is located on our scalp (skin on the head).

Which implies that we are talking about hairs on our head skin (for lay man).

For you to boost your personal appearance, a well cared for, tidied and healthy hair must play a vital (necessary and important) role.

And it takes only a well cared for, and healthy hair to ensure the continuity of the above mentioned.

How to Take Care of the Hair

How to take care of the hair involves no big deal other than some easy procedures which might start getting broad in some cases.

But worry not; below, we will take you through some guidelines on how to take care of the hair properly.

Your hair should be properly washed (best done with a hair shampoo), and thoroughly rinsed when taking your bath or after activities that is likely to deposit dirt to the hair.

This is to avoid hair infections such as dandruff, hair lice, ring worm; which is caused by the accumulation of dirt that finally stick round the hair.

Also ready: Hair infections, its causes, prevention and treatment.

Guidelines on How to Take Care of the Hair Properly

1.You shouldn’t wash your hair often

Though this has raised a lot of arguments, but still some hair-care experts still believe that to ensure that the natural hair oil regulates properly, and to make sure the hair regain its lustre, you are not to frequently wash them.

Washing your hair in two (2) days intervals is best, this doesn't mean the hair should be unwashed when engaged with dirt, but under a normal condition, it's necessary to ensure a proper natural hair oil regulation.

Tip 1: It might interest you to know that skin around hair gets smoothed by tiny oil gland at hair follicles.

✓ Hair follicles are narrow hole from the skin where hairs grows from.

2. Protect your hair before swimming in pool

Chemicals in pools tend to damage the hair when swimming in the pool, therefore applying hair conditioners to serve as protector before jumping inside the pool becomes a good protective measure.

Hair conditioners prevents the chemicals in the pool from damaging the hair.

Also read: how to apply hair conditioner and its benefits.

3. Do not tie your hair too tight

Getting your hair too tight without or with materials (like bands) is likely to cause hair breakage and fizz, and therefore should be avoided.

4. Dry your hair naturally

Natural air-drying (allowing hair to air-dry on its own) is the best method of getting your hair dried. Artificial methods such as; hot rollers or blow-dryer makes the hair more dry and brittle, thereby causing breakage.

But in the case whereby you are in a hurry and can't wait for your hair to dry naturally, You can use the artificial method, but make sure the setting is set to warm instead of hot.

5. Don't use hot water

Hot water has bad effects on the hair and should be avoided. In the case of certain hair care products that require water in higher temperature than normal to wash them away, warm water should be used.

6. Eat healthy diets

 If you are searching for how to take care of the hair, the best means is by taking healthy meals such as; eating vegetables, raw fruits, various healthy diets, and most importantly taking in lots of water.

This is the easiest method on how to take care of the hair, as it involves enjoying yourself to do so.

7. Brushes

To avoid hair breakage and other issues, such as frizz, among others; hair should be properly brushed.

To brush hair:
i. Start from the hair tips/ends, brush to remove tangles,

ii. Then brush from the middle of your hair down to the hair tips/ends,

iii. Finally brush from the hair roots down to the tips/ends.

Make sure you don't brush your hair when it is wet. Experts believe that hair is three (3) times weaker when it is wet, and therefore brushing should be avoided at this time.

To brush a wet hair, you must get it ready for such; by towel-drying it first, then gently do the brushing.

8. Maintaining cleanliness

It's meaningless to treat how to take care of the hair without throwing some light on cleanliness.

unclean hair is the source of itching scalp, dandruff and much more; this causes hair fall and finally gives you a bad looking and unhealthy hair.

You should learn: how to choose your hair care products perfectly | how to apply hair conditioner and its benefits.

All those are quality ways to ensure a proper hair care, and for effective result.

✓ Hair relaxing helps to loosen the dirt on your hair and to relax the hair, while hair perm give the hair a curly look. These may also be considered good to try out.

Also learning about various hair infections, it's causes and treatment, goes a long way to assist you with how to take care of the hair.

This is to ensure proper remedies if your hair is already infected and for prevention sake as well, if your hair hasn't been infected yet.

Keeping your hair low by cutting them is vital as well. This gives room for your hair care products to get down to the root of the hair easily for effective result.

Though it's advisable to avoid sharing your hair care materials such as combs, brushes etc. But many can hardly avoid this. "There is love in sharing".

Therefore if you must offer your hair care materials; then you must properly wash/clean them before use (after giving them out).

All the above practise are to ensure that your hair stay clean, and away from possible causes of hair infections, which leads to unhealthy hair.

Materials For Taking Care of the Hair

Knowing how to take of the hair also include knowing how to take care of the hair care materials as well.

Comb and brushes:

To continue with how to take care of the hair, it's of good importance to treat about combs and brushes and how to care for them.

Hair combs and brushes which comes in different colours, sizes and shapes, plays a helpful roles in taking good care of the hair.

Tip 2: some combs and brushes are coarse while some are soft.

And because combs and brushes are made of different materials, shape and sizes, the specific one to be used depends on the type of hair you are using them on.

A simple example is that, combs or brushes that worked best for short hairs will not be best suitable for long hairs.

Care of combs and brushes:

For Brushes: 

use a comb to take off the hair in between the brush bristles.

To wash: soak in warm water for about a minute, take off all dirt from the bristles by gently beating it in the soapy water, make sure all dirt is taken off by rinsing it several times, shake it thoroughly to take off water as possible as you can, then leave in a dry and clean place to dry up.

For combs: 

use brush take off dirt at base, and make sure that you properly wash immediately after use.

To wash: soak metal and plastic combs in warm soapy water (excluding wooden combs) for about a minute, use soft material to wash, rinse severally, then dry and leave in a airy dry place.

Products for Hair-care

There are certain products that helps to keep your hair healthy, retain its style, beauty, etc.

These include: Hair shampoo, Hair conditioners, Hair lotions, Hair sprays, Hair relaxers, Hair pomade and oils etc.

Conclusion: there are other possible ways out there on how to take care of the hair properly, and the above post has tried to sum up the vital ideas.

Did we miss anything? Let us know on the comment box.

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