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Do you wish to get your teeth whitened? Then you need to know the proper way to do it without negative effects.

Or maybe you want to known a "do it yourself" (DIY teeth whitening tips) methods? You are welcome!

In addition we also tackled some other questions you might have been asking on how to whiten your teeth.

Mostly these days a large number of human go with something yellowish, brownish, greenish, blackish and other varieties of colours inside their mouth as teeth instead of a white flashy teeth for beautiful smiles.

It's unfortunate that most times we ignorantly cause most of these tooth effects upon ourselves from our daily activities, right from things we consume, which include candies: drinks (like juice), our daily meals and all other consumables.

Therefore, there is no other best way to remedy this situation but to know how to whiten your teeth and rid of the undesirable yellow teeth.
How do you achieve this? We have gathered adequate procedures on how to whiten your teeth, including a "do it yourself" (diy teeth whitening tips) guide. 

Tip 1: It is recommended by dentists that you perform a fellow up diy teeth whitening at home after teeth whitening at the dentist office.

How To Whiten Your Teeth - Complete Guide

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  • How to whiten your teeth
 1. At the dentist office
 2. Do it yourself (DIY teeth whitening)
  • Questions you might ask concerning how to whiten your teeth
 1. Is teeth whitening dangerous?
 2. When can i whiten my teeth?
 3. How long does teeth whitening last?
 4. How often can I whiten my teeth?
 5. How much does it cost to whiten teeth?
 6. Can I whiten my teeth with whitening toothpaste?
 7. How long does it take to whiten teeth?
 8. Is diy teeth whitening safe?
  • Advice concerning how to whiten your teeth
  • External resources to learn more 

How to whiten your teeth

1. At the dentist office

First procedure on how to whiten your teeth is visiting a dentist before you even consider pushing forward with any diy teeth whitening.

This is to avoid complicating issues incase there is already any other oral problem which proceeding with teeth whitening might worsen.

The dentist examines your entire mouth and oral care to know whether you have any oral problem like tooth decay.

Duration: teeth whitening doesn't take long, it is about an hour. The dentist first protects your gums, lips, etc. And then applies the proper chemically activated substance (the whitener), the substance starts working immediately, and is left for one hour.

After this, the dentist issues a diy teeth whitening materials and instructions such as: eating habit, which should include avoiding some caffeinated and colored foods, taking lots of water and so on.

2. Do it yourself (DIY teeth whitening)

It is highly recommended that you observe diy teeth whitening to achieve a long lasting white teeth.

After teeth whitening, if included in payment cost, the dentist offers you take-home bleaching trays and some other products. Or the dentist recommends a good diy teeth whitening kit.

You are expected to use the kit following the manufacturer instructions. These Recommended products may include teeth whitening toothpaste as it helps to make the treatment last longer.

Tip 2: diy teeth whitening is simply done by following instructions on the whitening kit, but make sure the kit is recommended by the dentist to be on a safe side.

In a nutshell you should visit the dentist first before considering a (do-it-yourself) diy teeth whitening as it (diy) serves best as a follow up after whitening.

Questions you might also ask concerning how to whiten your teeth

1. Is teeth whitening dangerous?

The answer is no! But just like everything other thing can be dangerous when done in excess which includes excessive eating, drinking, exercises, sleeping. Similarly, teeth whitening can be dangerous when done in excess.

2. When can I whiten my teeth?

It is suitable for adults and teens but not advisable for children; why would they need to whiten their teeth it is still ok.

Teeth whitening is also meant to be done when you have no oral problem (tooth decay, etc). This is why the dentist needs to make observations before teeth whitening.

3. How long does teeth whitening last?

In case you are thinking if teeth whitening is permanent, it is not so, unless you choose not to eat, drink, chew or use your teeth anymore. As long as your teeth remains busy, it keeps getting yellowish and teeth whitening is needed again to brighten it.

Teeth whitening can only last longer once you observe the follow ups but it is surely not permanent.

4. How often can I whiten my teeth?

Not very often, the dentist should advice you on how long to stay before getting getting another teeth whitening.

It is not advisable to visit a dentist and re-whiten your teeth in one month interval. After all whitening procedures, enough period should be given before re-whitening your teeth.

5. How much does it cost to whiten teeth?

Technology has made it cheaper and easier, unlike before when teeth whitening is for celebrities, anyone can now get their teeth whitened for a nicely low cost.

6. Can I whiten my teeth with whitening toothpaste?

No, whitening toothpaste only brightens the teeth. It's work ends at the teeth surfaces. It can only be used after teeth whitening to maintain the teeth brightness.

7. How long does it took whiten teeth?

Just one hour in the dentist office and your teeth should regain whiteness.

8. Is DIY teeth whitening safe?

Yes it is! Just follow the right procedures and instructions and you are good to go.

Advice on how to whiten your teeth

Nothing more. All we will advise you to do is to make sure you visit a dentist first and then follow instructions and everything should works well.

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External resources to learn more

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