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Depression has been one of the major problem most people experience, therefore it is best to know how to prevent depression and work towards it rather than ignorantly becoming a victim.

Prevention is always better than cure.

Preventing depression is better than treating it. Prevention will save you the stress of looking out for how to a cure depression if you become a victim.

Below comes some ways on how to prevent depression.

Note: The topic dosen’t point out all the ways on how to prevent depression, but to a reasonable extent it tries to cover some vital areas. In that case, if you know any other important way or ways on how to prevent depression which we didn’t treat on this post, inform us on the comment box or via our contact page, and we will add it up.

How to prevent depression

 •  Offer voluntary help
 • Sleep well and properly always
 • Always Eat Healthy Meal
 • Get Involved
 • Avoid keeping blames on yourself
 • Avoid getting stressed
 • Keep positive thoughts
 • Recieve Daily sunlight
 • vitamin D supplement can help
 • Observe Phycotherapy
 • Avoid substance abuse
 • Handle things you can ast a time
 • Try omega3 fatty acid
 • Have some daily exercise
 • Put on a frequent smile
 • Find design in life
 • Make out time to relax and have fun
 • Consult your doctor if you observe any depression symptom
 • Continue with medication
 • Try the Holy Bible.

Offer Voluntary Help

Who dosen’t feel good when he/she engages in voluntary activities which yields positive result ( ofcourse it should always yield a positive result)?

Life itself has made a lot of individuals to turn away from charity works, but it has been observed by health professionals and experts, that voluntary works helps in a long way to prevent depression.

It keeps you at ease when you don’t have feeling of getting something in return each time you help someone or people to do something.

Medical health experts  has really recommended voluntary acts as a “yes” way of dealing with depression.

Voluntary work must not be financially, a little you can assist people to do with a free and undemanding mind can really help in a long way to prevent depression.

Clear Way: Doing voluntary works and enjoying what your do, gives you something to be happy about and it prevents depression.

Always Have a Good Sleep 

Seeking  how to prevents depresssion involves knowing how to sleep well and properly always . It has been made perfectly clear by researches that observing at leaste 8 hours sleep is a sure move on how to prevent deprerssion.

At the same time, observing few minutes or one hour plus of afternoon sleep is also something to show for.

It's obvious that sleep is rest in its deep form. It relaxes both the body and brain, in this case, sleeping well properly shouldn’t be left out.

Clear way: observing adequate sleeps daily can go a long way to prevent depression, as it gives complete rest to the brain and body.

Always Eat Healthy Meal

 Your meal should be balance to make it healthy,  researchers have droped their say on how to prevent depression; noting that eating a healthy diet is among the important ways to achieve that goal.

It has be said that taking meals with omega3 fatty acid is a good practice to prevent depression; omega3 fatty acid can be found in fish oil and some other sources as well.

To know the proper and right diet to take, individuals are adviced to meet their doctors for adequate prescribtion of what and what to and not to eat. To achieve this, sometimes check ups might be required.

Clear way: looking for how to prevent depression by taking the right meal? Consult your doctor for adequate prescribtion.

Note: depression can not just be prevented by taking healthy meals alone, you should also consider other factors on this post.

Get Involved

You might be wondering what to get involved with or what getting involed has to do with how to prevent deprevention hmm?

when we say get involved, we mean joining positive groups; with the aim of sharing thoughts and knowledges about depression, its effects, causes, symptoms, remedies, etc.

This may be group of friends, family members, relatives, etc. Gathering to discuss about depression and its issues,  it's a kind of psychotherapy. Mostly the group or groups has their fixed meeting dates and times.

It's a good approach on how to prevent depression, because it makes you feel at home when discussion is going on, contributions are free and you understands better with loves ones, without getting bored.

Clear way: learning about depression issues, its remedies and preventions in group, gives you another easy method on how to prevent depression as it involves free discussion and explanations on how to avoid depression. 

See: observe psychotherapy

Avoid Keeping Blames On Yourself

its okay to accept the blame when you are wrong, but don't keep it on yourself as it might endanger you to depression as you harbour the feelings.

Everybody makes mistakes, many has done worst than you; therefore  just accept the blame for the time being, then wave it off by seeking forgiveness before GOD and man.

Clear way: harbouring blames on yourself could be very bad for you as it can lead to depression. Accept it and wave it off.

Avoid Getting Stressed

Hectic activities are sure factors to get you stressed out, therefore we advice you to stay away from hectic activities,  have some rest in the middle of your work to avoid getting stressed.

People seeking how to prevent depression should be aware that engaging oneself in daily hectic jobs can get you depressed. Just observe some rests in the middle of your daily jobs/activities to avoid depression.

This act rests your body and mind, build up new tissues for your system and prevent you from getting depressed.

Clear way: To effectively deal with this topic "How to prevent depression", we will advice you to always avoid hectic works or activities by fixing rest in between.

Keep Positive Thoughts 

Health experts have noted that harbouring negative thoughts can be dangerous to our health; increasing the risk to depression.

Keeping negative thoughts have never been considered a good at anytime. Therefore you are advised to strictly avoid it, as it may lead to depression.

Keeping positive thoughts gives you rest of mind, freedom from unsatisfying thoughts, and prevents you from getting depressed.

Clear way: Filling Your mind with positivity, prepares your whole being to endless rest and keeps depression far away.

Keeping positive thoughts is considered to be vital and necessary amongst other factors on how to prevent depression and for healthy living.

Receive Daily Sunlight

 It have been observed that receiving atleast ten to fifteen (10-15) minutes sunlight daily plays a role in ensuring the prevention of depression.

It's risky to stay indoors (away from direct sunlight) always, as it can increase one's chances of becoming a victim of depression illness. This is because direct sunlight helps one's body to generate "vitamin D" which is essential for the prevention of depression.

Incase your job or daily activities keeps you indoor (away from direct sunlight ), taking a brief walk outdoor around "11 am - 3 pm" plays a vital role on how to prevent depression.

Clear way: Receive daily direct sunlight to stay away from depression by getting the required daily amount of vitamin D from it.

Vitamin D Supplements

Vitamin D Supplements plays a role on how to prevent depression when direct sunlight is rare or absent, or if you are not getting a required amount of sunlight per day.

Clear way: incase you are not always opportune to receive daily sunlight, Vitamin D Supplements will be an option to try out. Consult doctor for prescription.

Observe psychotherapy

This is also known as talking therapy. It is psychological treatment of mental illness such as depression Instead of using medical means.

Psychology is the study of the functions of human mind and the mind itself.

The process of psychotherapy involved talking/discussion between the person in question and a psychotherapist or maybe the person in question and a friend/friends, family/family member, etc.

This factor on how to prevent depression is based on advices, instructions, teachings, etc. 

The psychologist or anyone present; helps you with teachings on the possible ways to prevent depression, receiving your questions and giving you advices.

You are being educated on the proper way to prevent depression, such as the right diet to take, how to use and take care of your mind to avoid getting depressed,  etc.

Clear way: A psychotherapist helps you with possible needed informations on the best way to prevent depression. Other can also act as a psychotherapist, but they must atleast have a little experience/knowledge of depression.

See: getting involved

Avoid Substance Abuse

Substance to be abused may include alcohol, Indian herb, etc. When such substances are abused, they are likely to mentally affect the abuser, this eventually causes depression in most cases.

In such case you are advised to avoid substances abuse strictly to ensure proper prevention of depression.

Clear way: To win big on how to prevent depression, substances abuse should be strictly prohibited and avoided in your life.

Handle things you can at a time

Unfortunately people engage in so many work that gets them stressed, in most cases just to please others. You are advised to handle works that you can carry out at a time.

Getting yourself stressed can eventually lead to depression, don't always over stress yourself. On thing at a time, tomorrow is always another day.
Clear way: To prevent depression, you must on do things you can handle at a time.

See: avoid getting stressed

Try Omega 3 fatty acid

Omega 3 fatty acids are very important on how to prevent depression,  it can be gotten from fish oil amongst others. Trying out Omega 3 fatty acid will effectively help to prevent depression.

Have some daily exercise

of course you should be aware of the powers of having exercises, it has helped and is still helping individuals to stay fit and healthy,  at the same time has a vital role on how to prevent depression.

Talking about how to prevent depression, exercises should be on the first page.  Exercises goes a long way to get you fit and organise your body systems.

Clear way: Exercises helps to prevent depression, therefore you are advised to observes exercises daily.

Put on a Frequent Smile

 Have you ever tried smilling for a whole day? It's really awesome, it keeps you positive and keeps your whole being going.

In this case, smilling has been recommended by health experts to keep you save and prevent you from getting depressed.

Clear way: If you are seeking to know how to prevent depression, keeping a smilling face all day long is a good shot.

Find Desire in Life

You are created for a purpose and therefore you are not a failure, there is always something in life waiting for you to do them.

Get something doing with passion and it keeps you going by keeping you engaged with what you love doing, this makes your mind to stay away from negativity.

Clear way: Doing the right things you love doing and believes in, will help you to prevent depression, as it makes you happy.

Make Out Time to Relax and Have Fun

 This doesn't mean that you should go along and do the wrong things, it simply means that you shouldn't always engage yourself to work.

Try out sometimes to relax and have fun; this maybe playing rightful games, spending times with love ones and so on.

Consult your doctor if you observe any depression symptom

 It is always necessary to consult the doctor when you are experiencing any depression symptom, they are in a better position to check you up and give you a better medical answer.

Some generally experienced symptoms are either for one medical problem or another. Most times different illnesses comes with similar symptoms and the medical professionals becomes in the right position to help out.

Clear way: Consulting a doctor is a the best choice for advice on how to prevent depression.

Complete Your Medication

 This is specifically for individuals that has formally suffered depression.

You are advised to continue and finish up your medications, and to also still take same medications for about 6 months after healing.

This ensures proper healing and to avoid depression illness from coming back easily or ever.

Try The Holy Bible

Who else still doubt the mighty power of the word of the almighty GOD?

Nothing else works without the Grace of GOD, we are not trying to put religious barriers here, rather we are giving you the truth.

Many has tried the Holy Bible and it has worked for them. Depression is a mental illness and the Word of GOD tends to renew and relief your mind and give you a great rate of peaceful living.

It works and will always work for you if and only if you believe and act towards it.

Note: Consult your doctor for more information on how to prevent depression.

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