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Updated: Thu, 8 September 2022

Health Ministers was creater to be just another a health blog featuring some health bloggers working together by publishing well researched articles; but the idea has changed a bit.

It's no longer only we sharing our researched work but we are also linking to useful health information from various sources. This gives you access to multiply sources of information on the go.

This is to say that we are not limiting you with what we post rather we open the door to enable you get more insight on the same or similar topic(s) from various sources around the Internet.

We showed up online with the mindset of achieving greatness through your honourable testimonies.

So we have been in the part of providing you with adequate health information with positive solutions. 

At the same time we recommend and advice that you visit your doctor for professional treatments.  

Also read our privacy policy to learn and understand about your personal informations we might collect, how we collect them, use them, and properly protect them.

You can also contact us if you wish to ask anything.

In a nutshell we are here to help and keep you healthy as you enjoy a wonderful life from our dear CREATOR. Amen!

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