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Updated: Fri, 8 July 2022 

Our disclaimer gives you views of what we will and will not be held responsible for as you use our blog and our third party sites.

At we publish very useful, helpful and educative articles and we own rights to our articles, at the same time; we advice you to seek a professional Medical advice (from a doctor) before trying any of our recommended, this is to unsure your proper well being and healthy living.

Our articles are meant for educational purposes only and not to professionally cure, treat or prevent any illness or diseases.

Third parties

Our blog never release your information to any third party without your concept and acceptance, unless it is to protect your rights or keep law (if any)

In the same case our blog may also include third parties sites, this links, links you to external sites and are intended to provide solutions to you.

Be aware that we do not have controls of our third party sites, therefore we advice you to also read their privacy policy and disclaimer as you are reading ours, that will enable you to understand how they intend to serve your best.

Actions you perform on our third party sites is between you and them, we will not be held responsible for such, as we don't have any control of them.

Information on this blog are for educational purpose only and are not to prevent, cure or treat any disease/illness as they are not appraised by any health body.

You must seek advise from your doctor before you act on them.

If you have a question concerning our disclaimer; please Contact us >>

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