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Our privacy policy

To serve you best and to effectively improve your user experience; we have put down our privacy policy to enable you understand more of what happens when you use our blog.

like: how we may collect your personal informations, how we use it, what we use it for and so many other activities you may wish to be aware of.

Therefore we advice you to take a little of your time and go through this to the end.

Why and when do we collect your personal information?

Why? We collect your personal information:

• To serve you best, by supporting you if at any time you request for support.

• To inform you when new blog posts are published; ie. If you subscribed to our newsletter.

• To be able to reply your email, incase you have contacted us.

We will inform you if any other reason is added to the above mentioned.

When? We collect your personal information when you perform the following actions in our blog:

• Subscribe to our newsletter

• Contact us

• Make purchases ( this is not available yet as we do not sell any product at this time).

What personal information do we collect and how do we use them?

What we ask for: For your enjoyable user experiences, we may ask you to input your

• Name,
• Email address,

we may also ask for site url ( this is always optional, if at all we ask for it)

This are done when you are filling our contact form or subscribing to our newsletter.

How we use it: we use the collected informations to:

• serve you best by improving our website to suit you.

• Deliver your purchase request; if at all we choose to sell any product on our blog.

• Improve your user experience.

• contact you, and be able to publish post which interests you the most.

• Send you time to time email on our updates, guidance or other reasons that  ay be of your interest.

• Stay in touch with you and know how our services and products ( if at all we sell any product)  have served, or is serving you well.

How we protect your personal information which we collect:

We do not use any software to achieve this, but we don't release your information to third parties for any reason (if this should in anyway occur in other to obey any law or for your safety, then you should be informed and we will only release with your permission unless otherwise).

These means your information comes and stays with us, and we keep it safe, away from spam. We never ask for credit card numbers for any reason so, you have nothing to worry about.

Use of cookies

We use cookies to make your user experience an enjoyable one. 

Have you ever browsed a website or blog and comes back to you browser and saw a topic from the blog or website at your recently visited sites or favourite sites parts on your browser? 

That is what cookies are all about, they remind your browser of their formally visited sites. This might help you to get access to a site your recently visited, even without knowing the url.

Can I disable cookies? Yes you can. You will see an option for that in your browser settings menu. Different browsers has different procedures for achieving this.

But be aware that if you disable cookies, you won't have the best user experience with our blog and other site in the world wide web.

If you must touch anything against your browser cookies, then we advice you to clear the previously accumulated ones in your browser.

To do this; also go to your browser settings menu and look out for that option.

Third parties links and sites

Our blog may contain third parties links, these are links which will lead you to other sites if you click on them, maybe for products recommendations, solutions or maybe advertisement.

We are not in control of those sites, therefore it is important that you also read their privacy policy to know how they operate and renders their services.

Read our disclaimer page to learn more about our site and third parties.

To contact us issues concerning our privacy policy or any other issues click here >>

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