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Here at,  we accept guess posts from writers just like every other blogs that does the same. Are you a health expert or a health blogger and would like to get back links to your blog? Here is the right place to be.

Note: If you like to write for us or keep writing for us just for passion sake, let us know as you contact us.

Which ever category you are on the above, the rule is you must be knowledgeably on the topic you are writing about. 

Requirements for submitting guess post to us

You must be knowledgeably on the topic you are writing about, that means your post must be educative and meet the below requirements: 

• Your article must at least be up to 650 words ( more words are recommended but not compulsory)

• Your article should not be for products advertisement or promotion such as affiliate marketing (if so, state it when contacting us)

• Your article must not be for the promotion of your site or products.

• Your article must be health related.

• Your article must not contain @dult content.

• You must not write on topic already published on this blog. 

And you also agrees that:

• You must not republish the article you write to us on any other place in time coming.

• You must not copy to us partly or fully of already published articles from the Internet, newspapers, magazines, books, posters, or any other source.

And you also accepts that:

•We have the right to edit your article ( this can be done when some errors are observed)

• We have the right to add content to your article ( this can be mostly done if your article is not upto 650 words).

• Help you with keywords incase you are not good with keyword research (this helps readers to find your articles easily on google search)

• We have the right to rel='nofollow ' links in your article.

• We have the right to accept or decline your article

After accepting my article can I add about me?

Oh Yes! It took some effort to write an accepted article, therefore we will include "about you" at the bottom immediately after the post.

You are to sumit you details; social media link and site url ( note: we may not link to your site if your site violates; we will let you know if so.

Thank you for choosing us.

Why was my post rejected? 

It's simply because you didn't meet our requirements. If you think you meet our requirements and we still rejected your article (we are sorry); Kindly Contact us >>

Finally bear in mind that we will handle your post as ours, all social media promotions and so on will be done; of course it's our post but you are the honourable author

Any question? Contact us! >>

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